Pro356 Consulting, Llc Employee Engagement Coaching
Customer Service Training

We start by listening. Our engagement approach is designed to make sure we fully understand each client’s situational need.

This understanding is built on making sure we have a working knowledge of:

  • The history of the organization and the people in it.
  • Linkages between organizational vision and employee duties.
  • The dynamics of internal relationships, as these often create communication & teamwork issues.
  • The existing planning process and workforce development approach.
  • The external factors influencing client behaviors.
  • The client's desired outcomes and timetable.

Without this investment in foundational understanding, we have found it impossible to structure programs that last.

We tailor our proposals to meet each project needs. Our approach had led to two HOW’s for our business:

  • Build the team for each situation. PRO356 is a general business practitioner with expertise focused on people and long term wellness. Where business ills need a specialist, PRO356 Consulting has developed a network of specialists to address specific business situations.  Once the organization or individual is well, we stick around to help you maintain your wellness.
  • Design web based content in areas of customer service, problem solving, teamwork, employee motivation and engagement that allow that best fit the time schedules of individuals needing the content.

All online content is linked to direct Q&A time with the content expert to make sure individuals get the specific information they need to progress. And we do this in a fun way called our PLAYGROUND .