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The Playground

Remember your time on the playground? The playground was a place:

  • You applied life’s instructions
  • You really learned life’s lessons
  • You looked forward to seeing each day in school
  • You learned to overcome fear and shortcomings
  • You learned how to share
  • You learned how to ask for help
  • You hated to leave.

Well the Playground is back. The Pro356 Playground is an interactive community that applies the essence of your playground experience to the current challenges you have. In our playground, individuals come and play with others in a collaborative way to

  • Learn
  • Grow
  • Solve Problems
  • Share successes
  • Help others reach their full potential.

The Pro356 team will serve as playground directors. We will facilitate games, connect people, explain rules, and allow everyone to enjoy their time in the playground. We will provide semi-monthly web forums to allow playground participants to share and play with ideas and situations and learn from each other. Just as did as a kid.

Games include:

  • Customer service
  • What’s my solution
  • Culture tag
  • Choosing teams
  • Monkey bar motivation
  • Dealing with Bullies
  • Rainy Day Games
  • What to do with new kids

We hope to create lifetime memories that are good as your existing playground memories and provide a forum for bring play back to your days. Blessings!