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Fighting the Dream Stealer Drug

January has turned out to be an extraordinary month for a number of reasons. Perhaps the number one reason has been my ability to focus on my 2012 dreams and goals with the best clarity I had in years. While I would like to think it was all those hours of educational/motivation CD’s in the car, I think it’s because I kicked my major drug habit, TV.

Waiting for my friend’s son to come out of practice, I had a minor relapse of radio and discovered the current political campaign had gone total nasty. I smiled, turned Darren Hardy back on the CD, and realized I didn’t know and didn’t care.

TV was my dream stealing drug of choice. Like any drug, I slowly fell into the habit. And after getting hooked, I found myself needing more and more, especially cable news shows. The more I consumed, the more I needed to consume. And like so many drugs, I rationalized that I worked hard and deserved it as reward. “Helps me to relax.”

The only thing TV relaxed was my goal achievement. Knowing the facts of whether candidate A lied about Candidate B never retired my wife, added on to our house, or added money in my charitable giving.

I knew the that TV watching and wealth creation have a direct reverse correlation yet refused to take action to break my addiction. But the 9 day binge know as “bowl season” put me over the top. When I realized that on January 10th, I walked around in a total funk after my team won the national championship, I realized something had to change.

The rest of the month has been spent reading, blogging, talking to my wife and generally focused on work. My fog is gone and I see my dreams again. While I may need to attend some Dream Stealers Anonymous meetings if I have a March madness relapse, I know the worst is behind me and the best is ahead.

Dream ON!

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