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The Silver Principle Lining - Part 5

When the storm hits

Claim – A Will to Live is Better than a Living Will

Explain – Having a plan to survive starts with the will to live. Knowing what you value and what you do after the storm passes can make the difference in how you weather the storm. In life when a major physical storm happens, like a hurricane, tornado or even a fire, we often have to decide what we will keep and what we will let go. The same is true of the emotional and mental storms.

Secondly, your 911 team should be ready to spring into action. Our church through their caring ministries is phenomenal at providing support on a timely basis. Of course, you need to have the courage to call sometimes, and let them know your storm has arrived.

Don’t be like the person stranded on his roof in a flood who kept turning down help. He told all three rescuers that God would see him through his storm. The flood continued to build, and he drowned. When the man got to heaven he asked God what happened? God replied, “I sent those three angels to help you, and you turned them all down.”

Story – A very successful friend had the storm of depression enter his life following a divorce. He lived in gigantic house by himself. His kids had married or were in college. As he sank into thoughts of suicide, he did the one thing that saved him. He had a circle of friends, and he called them and asked if any of them would move in with him. One did and having that divorced friend there during the long dark winter kept his will to live alive. Since then I know of at least 4 male suicides in our community; each time I wondered what would have happened if these men had a 911 team.

Questions to ask yourself:

What is the greater good that the storm is hiding?

What one belief would you like to increase?

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