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Watching the Land Move, Sailing Toward My Goals

san francisco sailing

When I sailed in San Francisco Bay we often found ourselves sailing into or against the currents. Looking at the race buoy, we would focus on the sail trim, the other boats, and often the speed of the water moving past the hull. While this often resulted in a sense of relative speed, only when we looked to a fixed point on the land did we know if we were truly making progress. Sometimes we were stationary; sometimes we were flying. Occasionally we actually went backward due to a stronger current.

Tonight at a job helping meeting, I realized that I have been flying toward my goals faster than I realized. The meeting was the same and I found myself increasingly restless. The reason was not everyone else’s comments and actions. The difference was that I had changed. My focus on what needed to be done was sharper and, as a result, the normal rambling style felt like a huge time waste. The negative self talk, even subtle examples, really jumped out at me. Only the ending prayer time felt right, as it should.

So maybe the little incremental steps I have been taking to focus on my goals, and the shifting of my time allocations, are beginning to pay off. I left somewhat unsettled and even that has changed. I am now adding a goal that everyone in the room is joining me in moving faster toward their dream job. And I expect they will:)

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