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Why Blog Daily?

During the market plan discussion in our entrepreneurship class, Calvin asked me, “Why do you blog daily?” Good question and I sought of stumbled through an answer. Given that I averaged one a month for over a year, I thought about his question on the drive home. Here’s my reasons:

1) Seth Godin has done OK. If you want to be somewhere different, then find someone who is closer to where you want to go, figure out what he/she did and duplicate it. Since he blogged daily for 7 years, I started down his road.

2) Daily discipline produces exponential results. Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect and Robin Sharma both emphasize this. I have to believe that 250 blogs from now I will be better in style and content. Having seen what my forty years of 4-5 days/week exercise has done for me, I am excited about exercising my mind this time.

3) You are not promised tomorrow. – What if I had a great thought worth sharing and God sent a drunk driver to take me home.?I would hate to take that idea with me and not share it. Besides, the parable of the talents suggests I need to give my all every day.

4) It makes me think – Thinking seems to be a dying skill. To put something down in writing requires me to think. I like that and believe that the more I think, the better my thinking will become.

5) It’s fun. I really do like taking a thought, noodling it around, and then putting down where it leads me. Every time I hit publish, I have a smile on my face.

6) Why wouldn’t I if I could? I have gotten enough feedback to find I am occasionally entertaining and so I figure I should add some entertainment to the world-wide conversation.

7) Someone may be looking for the one sentence God put in my head. I know God uses us all for others in ways we don’t see ahead of time. So by turning down the option to blog today, I may be messing up God’s good plan for someone. Never want to apologize to HIM.

8) I can track my thought trends. A year from now or 5 years from now, I will have a neat record of why thought history. That analysis will definitely produce an interesting blog.

9) Blogging leaves a trail. Hopefully someone in my future genealogy will be able to know where some of their heritage was at in the early 21st century. That comforts me.

10) I am writing a book, one day at a time. I know after a year of so, I will have enough material to write something worth reading or one blog may inspire a book. Either way that keeps me going.

Gotta run to the beach to escape Mardi Gras. That should load me up for next week:)

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