"I can't thank Rick and Amy enough for helping me turn my passion into a business.  Like the age old proverb, "teach a man to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime", they empowered me with the tools I needed, coached me and held me accountable.  Starting with a solid foundation in a comprehensive business plan - that included crunching the numbers to make sure the business would be sustainable and profitable, marketing plans to get the business off the ground and grow, short term and long term goals, and more - gave me the confidence I needed to make decisions as a start up.  The best past, I know they're always there if I need anything."   Jennifer Guthrie, Glow Yoga

 "I was a little nervous about my first meeting with Pro 356 Consulting, but within a few minutes of talking with Rick and Amy, I felt like I was sitting down with old friends. These two are an incredible, synergistic team. Their ideas, words or wisdom, and true compassion for my company immediately shifted my paradigm (I felt that I might not succeed). It's only been a week since our meeting, but with Rick's and Amy's help, I feel 100% renewed and supported and I know that yes I will succeed and thrive!! Thank you two so much!"
Sara Herring, Sundance Massage

"Rick Miller was my first boss after graduate school. I tell everyone that I learned more under Rick in 6 months than I did in 6 years of undergraduate and graduate business study. Rick was and is a season business veteran. He is able to synthesize complex business problems down to their essence and then get results. As an example, I was the controller of a company and Rick was the newly crowned CEO."                David Hodge, President, Gill Athletics.

"Rick has proven to be an outstanding strategic partner for our company. Rick is highly effective & versatile in the many areas he assists us. In addition to being a phenomenal personal "corporate coach" for both our President & me... he is assisting us in re-defining our organization’s core value and purpose & helping us to redefine our organizational structure."
 George Spottswood, CEO/Founder, Quality Filters

"Rick designed and delivered a very well planned and tailored workshop for our team members. He went above and beyond to ensure that the examples and exercises he used during classes related to the class and were memorable. We look forward to working with Rick on future projects!" Michelle Nelson, COO, Meyer Vacation Rentals

"Compass Media has benefited greatly from the planning and consulting services provided by Rick Miller and Pro 356 Consulting. Rick's unique talents of compassion coupled with expert facilitation and strategy development have been spot on. The work we have done with Rick and Pro 356 certainly will help our business expand and prosper in the future."
J. Gary Ellis, CEO Compass Media, Inc.

"Business moves at such a quick pace. Rather than make critical mistakes that could set us back, I prefer to learn from the experience of others. Rick brings business experience and delivers critical thinking to the key issues we face. So in the end, we're able to stay ahead of the pack and focus on what we do best."  Terry Edeker, Pixallure Design