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Through business coaching, we exist to serve. Our clients seek wise counsel and analysis to solve people and strategy problems         that continue to create a drag on their growth and their envisioned culture.

We guide clients to solutions in three problem areas:

  • Success related stress

  • Stress created by out of balance success

  • Strategic analysis and accountability

We provide our clients with stress reducing strategies that grow their teams and their life in balance.

Pro356 recognizes that most  organizations contain internal knowledge to solve their own problems. These viewpoints underlie  our best practices, analytics, training, and support:

  •  Balance is more important than speed.

  •  People are the most important determinant of success.

  •  Miscommunication and mistrust are bigger threats than any competitor. 

  •  An old bus with the right people in the right seat will always beat a new bus with the wrong     people.

  •  Givers gain.

  •  Most organizations contain the internal knowledge to solve their own problems.

  •  Change is a result of the choices people make.

  •  Clarity of Vision (WHY) trumps Complexity of Plan (HOW).

  •  Daily reflection prevents poor prioritizing.

  •  EVERYONE, EVERYONE, EVERYONE has the potential to improve and lead.

  •  Leaders serve their employees first. Period.

  •  A relationship continues after the meter stops.

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