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Pro356 serves individuals and teams with our unique approach. We combine Clifton Strength Based Assessments, Gallup's Employee Engagement Q12 Program, and Fogg's Behavioral Model.  We lead clients to positive behavioral change that lasts. Our clients enjoy the fruits of their hard work and not just more hard work and stress.

How do you combine 35 years of experience with foundational principles, current thought leaders, and state of the art technology? Here's an explanation of the Pro356 Coaching program.


Pro356 Consulting facilitates the SBA sponsored Emerging Leaders program in the Mobile market. Limited to 20 small businesses per year, the program develops growth plans for companies seeking to move to their next level.  

We also facilitate corporate retreats and business meetings for select companies seeking professional level interaction and focused outcomes.

Our clients move from working in their business to working on their business.




Pro356 Consulting runs the Hatch Entrepreneurial Development Center in Fairhope, Alabama. The tech-focused incubator guides startups through development of a business plan, pitch deck, and minimum viable product (MVP). The program utilizes Business Canvas Map and Live Plan to develop plans and scenarios that angel investors need to fund these early-stage companies.

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