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QR Books – The Next Big Wave to Catch

Do you love to stay informed on the best thought leaders as well as find time to review the classic literature in your field? Successful individuals always answer yes to this question. The rub is finding the time do both while executing your life. Or worse yet, you read a  Zebras and Cheetahs  marketing and strategy book and wonder how you can get the big points across to your team who are also busy and less inclined to read a 202 page book.

Well the authors of Zebras and Cheetahs solved this problem. Mr. Michael J. Burt ( and Dr. Colby Jubenville (, a good friend and colleague, created a unique product, the QR book. They combined the “Big Ideas” of each chapter into a summary with several action steps and then inserted a QR code audio or video interview of the author on the big idea of each chapter. Colby and Michael call it three-dimensional learning. I call it smart and timely.

Here’s the QR code from their first big idea chapter, Look Different.  Scan it and you’ll see what I mean. Note: The authors gave me permission to share this.

Look Different QR code

I see how I can package information and increase the absorption rate and most importantly the application rate of ideas that can solve my current problems. Hats off to Colby for taking a plane ride conversation and turning it into a solution for our fast paced world.

For more information check out:

See you on the QR book aisle!

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