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#Rainbows and #Memorial Day

Rainbows are the wonderful by-product of storms that pass through our lives. When I think of Memorial Day I think of rainbows. Rainbows are produced when he sunlight hits water in the atmosphere and the refraction breaks the light into the spectrum of rays we see. Or something like that.

Those raindrops remind me of the tears so many of our families have experienced from losing a son or daughter, sibling or friend, in the military service of our nation. They also remind me of the sweat that every service man or woman puts in daily to allow me to have the freedom to write a blog or just go jogging.

Rainbows also need the light.  After all the storms and rain our country has experienced, God’s glorious light has continued to appear. And because we have been a nation that acknowledges God’s light, rainbows have continued to appear for us. We need the occasional rain and we always need the light that follows.

So to all those who have had a private memorial day, thank you and my condolences. And to God who provides the light, thank you as always. Please know that every time I see a rainbow I think of you both.

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