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The Silver Lining Principle - Conclusion

Teaching the Silver Lining Principle

Claim – After the Storm and the Silver Lining Comes the Rainbow

Explain – I love rainbows because they represent light passing through water and showing the diversity of the light spectrum. Your friends, team, family are made of a wide spectrum of talents, personality and outlooks. One of the things they all share is the certainty of storms in their lives. And many of the storms as we have seen live on the inside. When you know a rainbow is ahead for all of us why not share it? What greater gift could anyone give someone than the ability to help them find the silver linings in their life and prosper as a result? To me it’s another way to love your neighbor as yourself. And what organization couldn’t benefit from a team of silver liners.

Story – If you asked me to summarize the Silver Lining Principle it would be:

1) Recognize that storms are part of life

2) Learn the pattern and stay in balance

3) Have a plan and have your team

4) Figure out what matters and never forget it’s still there

5) Take action to stay balanced and calm

6) Expect to fail because you know how to succeed

7) Plot your True North course and stay on it.

8) Bring others along.

Questions to ask yourself:

Who do you want in your rainbow?

Who needs you in their life boat?

I hope this helps. After a tumultuous journey, the Silver Lining Principle allows me to live on a bay filled with thunderstorms and hurricanes in total peace. Maybe that’s why they named it The Bay of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 Blessing!

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