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The Silver Lining Principle - Part 4

There is Always a Storm Ahead

Claim – Staying in balance will not keep you out of every storm.

Explain – The butterfly effect of chaos theory applies to us all. In our interconnected world, forces beyond your control will create storms in your life. The Coronavirus is a classic example. Once you know that, a responsible or response able leader or person prepares a plan in advance. We expect H events (hurricanes) on the Gulf Coast. And before one hits us, we would all love to have a brother- in-law like Jim Cantore of Weather Channel fame. Someone who has “been there, done that” to provide perspective and a plan to guide us.

One of the keys to dealing with life’s storms is building a team that has been through your anticipated storm and found their silver lining. To do this start becoming aware of people who have been knocked down and gotten back up. I think of leaders like Sheila Hodges of Meyer Real Estate or Herb Malone of Gulf Coast Tourism. They survived both hurricanes and oil spills and continue to lead growing organizations. They certainly possess the silver lining you would want in your life boat. Now, in the middle of this current storm, is the time to start thinking about the team you want to have in place for the next storm. Because There is Always a Storm Ahead. Invite them on board before you drop your lifeboat or your outboard goes dead in 8 foot seas.

Story – Leaving Israel last year, we got a call that our downstairs was flooding with sewer water. We were literally passing through security at Ben-Gurion Airport at 11 pm with only 30 minutes before boarding a 12 hour flight. Providentially, Laura and I had built our team. While she called insurance agents and neighbors, I called my Paul Davis Mitigation friends. We arrived exhausted the next afternoon to find the mitigation and the claims process underway and the damage minimized. Like the Coronavirus, this came on suddenly and unexpectedly. Our team was based on solid, long term relationships that allowed swift action based on trust. And our team knows we stand ready to help them when they encounter their next storm.

Questions to ask yourself:

What storms could enter your life in the next year?

What is your plan to avoid and deal with that storm?

Who are your Jim Cantores?

Where are feeling lucky?

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