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The Silver Lining Principle - Part 7

Taking Action

Claim - An engaged Neon will beat a parked Ferrari.

Explain – Have you ever noticed that it’s easier to stay up on a moving bicycle than to balance at a stop? Or tennis players are always moving just before their opponent serves. Taking action in Colby Jubenville’s book, Zebras and Cheetahs, is the best way to stay agile and makes staying balanced easier. Every storm produces fear, and our adrenal glands provide the hormones to either fight or flight. With your 911 team in place to “pour courage into you” (Greek meaning of encourage), you can take action. Courage is not lack of fear; it’s the willingness to move ahead in spite of the fear. When facing fear, I repeat to myself the famous quote, “Fear knocked at my door. Faith opened the door. There was nobody there.”

Story – When I left Mobile with my loser’s storm in my head, the one thing I did was continue to take action. I moved on to New York, continued to exercise, and even got my CPA and MBA. When the job I wanted with Bank of American didn’t materialize, I continued to interview and still landed a job in San Francisco as I had planned. When I went through a divorce, I continued to exercise and attend church. Today I am blessed with a wonderful godly partner. If I had stayed frozen in my disappointments, none of this would have happened.

Questions to ask yourself:

What triggers a fight response for you?

What triggers a flight response and why?

When have your surprised yourself or overachieved?

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