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Voting and Business

A quote on iPhone from my yet- to-meet friend, Brian Tracy, got me thinking. “We must look for the opportunity in every difficulty instead of being paralyzed by the difficulty in every opportunity.” Walter E. Cole, Korean War Hero.  What are the opportunities for businesses if Obama care gets fully implemented?  The line started moving and I shifted back to lessons learned in the political process.

Here are the cliff notes:

Political Process                                              Business Lesson

  1. Most people don’t care(50% vote)!         Most customers are too busy

  2.                                                                       to notice you.             

  3. People occasionally pay attention            Know your marketing and

  4.                                                                       buying seasons.

  5. Candidates exaggerate differences          Stay consistent with your brand promises

  6.                                                                       and avoid reactionary competitive responses.

  7. Voters vote Against as much as For        Remember the 10 to 1 rule of customer service

  8. Voting is a precious privilege                    Never take your customers or employee for

  9.                                                                        granted.

   The lady is asking for my ID so I guess it’s time to get this show on the road. I suspect that by Thursday most businesses will be doing the same thing. Now back to that Obama care question:).

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