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Seth Godin said something that clicked. In an interview about today’s marketing, he said, “Find work that you can blog about daily or find something else.” I understood the part about ‘work you love’, its just blogging every day scared me. But the little Nike voice in my head said ‘Just do it!’ and I listened. Here is day one.

 The counseling appointment this morning allowed me to put the practice of abundance to work today. The entrepreneur had located to our beach area and wanted to use his M & A experience to start a financial advisory firm for local growing businesses. He had an impressive track record of several successful growth and turnaround situations and his connections are needed in our market. He even did his homework on me and my practice before calling for an appointment. That’s what led to the abundance episode.

 He was afraid that his idea would be in direct competition with my consulting work. And given my degrees and breadth of experience, he thought I might negatively network his idea. After watching his nervous preamble and cautious presentation, I addressed his concern by stating with a smile, “I believe in the practice of abundance and would be glad to help you.” His face lit up and then we got down to fun part of putting some meat on his idea.

 Abundance is such a simple example of what I love to do. The more I help others from a position of knowing there is always enough for those serve first, the more shows up on my plate. Call it sowing and reaping, the law of expectations, or just southern hospitality. Helping others is what I do. What amazes me is how many people find an abundance mentality refreshing. He was expecting a scarcity thinking good ol’ boy and found an abundance cowboy instead. Made my day! In fact, I plan to work with him and learn a few things myself. I fully expect we will both prosper as a result.

Sowed some Brian Tracy, Seth Godin, Solomon, and Brian Ray into my Career Assistance Network class tonight and was blessed with smiles and thanks. Came home and gave my son, Failing Forward, by John Maxwell, to read this week. He said thank you and hugged me as well.  So thanks Seth for sowing into me today. What a blessed day for me. And tomorrow may be better.

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