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Becoming Trigger Happy to Hit Your Goals


Now that you have your goals for the year, the achievement battle is joined. Most goals require one of three behaviors: a) doing something new, b) doing more of something, or c) harder yet, doing less of something. The inertia of your existing behavior provides an obstacle that more often than not defeats your resolve. So how do you overcome this inertia and hit your goals? Become trigger happy.

A trigger initiates action. Pulling the trigger initiates a catalytic process that results in a greater energy release. When it comes to behavior change, we all need emotional triggers to spur our action. The key is finding a few short trigger phrases that, like a real trigger, serve as the catalyst to get you going.

When I looked at my goals, I noticed certain patterns of change I needed to incorporate into both my professional and personal life. I then thought of short phrases to remind myself of the pattern. Finally, I started writing my triggers every morning and even posted them on my mirror. My four triggers that keep me moving forward and overcoming my worst behaviors are:

  1. DO IT NOW – Procrastination is a cancer to goal achievement.

  2. STAY IN TOUCH – Relationships matter and sowing first always reaps a later, greater harvest.

  3. PICK IT UP – If you are not committed to continuous improvement, you are committed to coasting. And you can only coast in one direction.

  4. THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES – “Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger” is not only good Biblical advice, it’s crucial for a consultant, coach, husband, and father.

Review your goals and see if some triggers jump out at you. Try this method for at least 60 days and see what happens. And don’t worry about needing a conceal carry permit. As you start hitting your goals, it will be obvious that you are trigger happy!

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