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Dr. Stephen R. Covey – A Principled Life

Even in his passing, he inspired me. Having a mountain bike accident at 79 is pretty neat. I hope to be on a bike at 79 up in the Wasatch range. I went to read about him and what struck me was his recognition and major impact didn’t start until his late 50’s. He was 57 when The 7 Habits was published. Like John Wooden, his impact came after decades at his craft. As an aging baby boomer, I can think of Stephen and realize one’s greatest impact can be in the last quarter of life.

So thank you Stephen for demonstrating the proper way to live in service to your fellow-man. You found your voice and inspired me to find mine. The 8th habit lives on.

I don’t know what the eulogizers will say at your funeral. I suspect that you will be looking at your the eulogy you wrote that now Jesus is holding. You both are smiling as you see how perfectly it  matches what is said. Your end here is truly the beginning of your greatest role. See you in heaven old friend.

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