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Employee Engagement Tip #7 – The Sad Truth about Valentine’s Day

This year another 50 million roses and flower bouquets will go unsold. Add another 50 million boxes of chocolates and you have a real sweetheart recession. But this one is there every year regardless of the stock market or the employment numbers. I call it the “Lack of Love My Job Recession.”

Of our 200 million workers, 75 million are estimated to be supervisors. Since only 30% of workers love their job, most of the supervisors must not be focusing on employee engagement, the key to job satisfaction. If they were, more workers would love their jobs. And since your supervisor, according to Gallup, has the most direct impact on your job enjoyment and satisfaction, I estimate 50 million supervisors are missing the love on Valentine’s Day.

If you are one of the 30% who love their job, why not help out Hallmark, Whitney, and your local florist by giving your boss some Valentine’s thank you. Finding a place where we love to go should be our number one vocational goal. The Chinese proverb holds true, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Unfortunately, most supervisors don’t see themselves as Cupids aiming job satisfaction arrows at their direct reports. Too many shoot arrows designed to hurt and injure instead of love and build up.

Becoming a Cupid isn’t hard; it’s just not easy. To become a Cupid for your employees, here is all you need:

C             Consistent – Cupid bosses treat their employees fairly and consistently day by day.

U             Understanding – Cupid bosses understand the importance of empathy in their relations.

P             Perceptive – Cupid bosses notice the little thing about their employees. They care.

I               Interested – Cupid bosses are interested in helping their reports improve and their employees            know it.

D             Demanding – Cupid bosses know that loving your job happens when you are stretched doing what you love.

The recovery of our economy lies inside the relationships that exist in businesses today. The only stimulus that is needed is more golden rule servant leadership, one relationship at a time.

So go ahead and start the recovery at your place of work. If you are a supervisor, spread the love every day. And if you love your job and have a Cupid boss, surprise him with a box of chocolates. Sweet!

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