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Face It, Teach It, Improve It

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This morning finds me feeling hectic and for good reason. I am facilitating a series of workshops for a client to improve their employee’s productivity through better time management. What fascinates me is the way the subject matter of my work seems to rebel against me personally as I approach the topic. Time management attracts scheduling conflicts, conflict resolution draws little spats with my wife, and team building surfaces trust issues somewhere else in my life. And we all know what happens when you schedule vacation time! Progress always surfaces the resistance against the goal.

In the past this would bother me and have me questioning my value to deliver useful information. Now I just smile. Having learned from Brian Tracy about the Law of Attraction and the Law of Association I realize this happens whenever you focus  your mind on a topic. While I am working on a self-improvement topic, the goal and the resistance both come into play. That’s a good thing.

What I have learned and will pass along in all my work is simply, “The key to improving any aspect of your life is to face it and teach it.” Effective teaching requires a person to think through an area and communicate those thoughts to another person. Ironically,  the teacher embeds those thoughts in his/her mind more than the student. Every parent realizes this and every leader practices this.Facing my time crunch issue and refocusing on how to communicate priority management to my client has shifted my feelings from anxious to relaxed, confident, and excited. I know what I need to do right now. The  workshop principles are kicking in.

Think of an area of your life and/or career that isn’t working well for you. Maybe something that leaves you anxious every Sunday night. Then, research  what successful people do in this area. Finally, find some colleagues, family members, or friends, and schedule (or arrange to teach) workshop on the topic. Let me know what happens to you in this area. I think I already know.

PS – The workshop went great in spite of a hectic start. A meeting with my Chairman ran over  and when combined with a traffic wreck on the way, I arrived 1 minute early for it. I am not sure I need to teach the way I drove:).

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