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Feedback and Continuous Improvement

Here’s my first podcast interview:

 Boy, was it wonderfully ear-opening. What struck me in listening tonight was how much waste I have in my delivery process. That fires me up.

Recording your actions, either audio or visual,  for at least 20 minutes provides the ultimate feedback on your actions. The longer the recording, the more blind spots surface. In my case, the term “as you well know” got worn out more than my favorite belt. My use of the proverbial “uh” needs tightening up and my tendency to run on too long was apparent.

I did hear some good points on developing ideas and overall was pleased with my ability to communicate on the fly. I didn’t know the questions in advance, save Tiger Woods.

In order to improve, I intend to record some additional interviews on my own and play them back. I will use my video camera as well and address some  of my visual idiosyncracies.

So rather than dwell on what I didn’t do well, I am going to use this feedback to become an excellent podcaster. Stay tuned.

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