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If you don’t know your next performance review results today, READ THIS:)

A “deer in the headlights” look was the response I got? What was the question?

I asked an employee, who was about to go into his annual performance review, how he expected it to go.

Funny thing, I understood the response because I felt the same way many times in my career.

Gallup Employee Engagement Q11- In the last six months, someone at the company has talked to me about my progress – suggests that reviews should be a formality. If you hold frequent conversations on progress, any review will be just a summation of all those conversations.

Here’s a video to reinforce the need for tying progress to strengths. And check out my suggestions on how to work this into your team.

Have a great conversation TODAY!

Disclaimer: Gallup and Q12 are registered trademarks of Gallup Inc. All opinions expressed are mine and do not represent Gallup’s opinions. Information quoted is from published Gallup research.

Closing Tip of the Week:

At your next team meeting, have each person write his/her name on a sheet. Then pass the sheets around and have everyone lists the strengths of each person. When everyone has their sheet back, read aloud the strengths.

Then ask the team, “How can we utilize our strengths better as a team?” You’ll be glad you started this conversation!

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