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If You Have a Weak Link, Buy a Better Chain

How many times have you heard, “so and so is the weak link on our team.” Or “Why should I bust my rear when so and so skates and gets the same pay raise as me.” As a consultant/coach, I wish I could remember a team that didn’t say this to me.

Gallup’s Q9 on employee engagement addresses this issue. My associates or fellow employees are committed to doing quality work. Today’s video addresses two challenges:

How do you define quality in each person’s role?

How do instill quality into my team?

I love “Lean” and “TQM” and everything Deming and Crosby. Yet here’s something to remember: Quality is a state of mind before it is a process. See more on that in the Tip of the Week following the video.

Disclaimer: Gallup and Q12 are registered trademarks of Gallup Inc. All opinions expressed are mine and do not represent Gallup’s opinions. Information quoted is from published Gallup research.

Closing Tip:

Donny Mecke, a great friend and colleague is known for saying, “Hire slow and fire fast.” If you slow down and include assessing a person’s approach to quality in your hiring process and especially your training process, the results more than pay for themselves. You may avoid the second suggestion altogether. Check out your hiring process and evaluate your approach to hiring based on a quality first mindset. Since the mindset comes with the person, quality really can be free!

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