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Mind Mapping – How To Plan and Shop at The Same Time!

I have started my annual planning mode. My goal is to develop some new action plans that move me toward my goal. My tactics include daily affirmations, weekly review sessions with my accountability partners, and some pictures on my mirror and in my car to trigger focus and mental reinforcement.

The first step for me is always just mind mapping my thoughts. I try to combine reflection, direction, and brevity. I reflect on this year, think about my direction for next year, and try to put my thoughts down in as few words as possible. Here’s this morning’s start:

Stretch more                                                                     Stress less

Fail more                                                                             Grow more

Think more                                                                         Speak less

Listen more                                                                        Interrupt less

Plan more                                                                           Work less

Work less                                                                            Accomplish more

Smile more                                                                         Worry less

Read more                                                                          TV less

Stay present more                                                          Day dream less

Forgive more                                                                     Regret less

Pray more                                                                           Expect more

Share more                                                                        Receive more

Encourage more                                                               Criticize less

The law of substitution states that you cannot add anything without taking away something. This explains my approach. The Law of Abundance has taught me that certain actions always add more than they require: Prayer, Sharing, and Risking Failure.

Once I have gotten these ideas on paper, my subconscious mind will go to work on putting them into action. The ideas will start percolating, and in the next day or so, some great plans will be sent to my consciousness. Since a watched pot never boils, I am now off to enjoy a run, go shopping with my wife, and maybe take in a movie. And tomorrow I will open all the idea presents my subconscious mind is busy selecting and wrapping. Stay tuned….

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