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It’s January 3rd, and I am already re-doing most of my 2013 goals. Not all of them but enough to make we wonder, “What was I thinking?” The reason for the re-do’s: Too many of my goals focus on me.

I preach servant leadership, yet failed to follow my own advice. Servant leadership starts with a focus on others. Zig Zigler taught this principle with his famous line, “If you help enough others get what THEY want, you will always get what you want.” John Maxwell will tell you that serving others develops leaders and provides the multiplication of leadership in an organization. And Jesus illustrated this in his many references to the Law of Sowing and Reaping.

Yet, aside from the big three on my list, the others focused on me. I did focus on serving God, my wife, and my son. The others were too much about me. So today I have rewritten my remaining goals with a focus on who I can serve to move toward the goals I listed.

Outside In is the truly the best way to win.

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