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Passion Never Sleeps

Neil Young’s 1979 classic, Rust Never Sleeps, contains one of my favorite songs, Hey Hey My My. Saw him play it last year here in Mobile as part of his one man show. He still has all of his iconic ability, attitude and swagger. The song contains a line that happened to me in a meeting today. I literally went out the blue and into the black.

Sitting in a coalition meeting of Project Rebound, a steering group coordinating many social service agencies for those affected by the BP oil spill, I found myself totally blue. I love what they do but my role supporting businesses is not really related so I found myself checking my Iphone and thinking how to gracefully exit early. I had bailed on a more important meeting because something in my head said, “Go to Project Rebound.” And I was sitting there wondering what that thought was all about, fixing to slip out, when Bill Watts, a part time minister and part time HR ombudsman came in and started talking about the many kids at risk in the area due to unskilled parents. He made one statement that put me in the black(mentally profitable) instantly. Bill said, the only hope for these families is the Ready To Work Program.

Immediately I found myself energized. I had been the initial and lead instructor for the life of the program locally. My current opportunity presented me with the choice of should I stay or should I go. I chose to leave the program and that was harder than I realized. [There’s a Clash song in here somewhere but I need to get back to Neil Young.]

I started explaining the program and in five minutes the group started brainstorming on how to get the program in the area. My Fairhope class was too far away for the unemployed to afford to drive. These agencies were willing to find gas money for these families.

I left energized and knowing what that voice reflected. Like rust, passion never sleeps. Hey Hey My My Ready to Work will never die.

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