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Productivity Tip # 2 – Practice Affirmative Action Everyday

Leadership requires both vision and action. A vision without action is just a dream. Action without a vision is just activity. Together they create worthwhile accomplishment with your life. How do you put them together? Practice Affirmative Action!

1)      Affirmations – A vision needs to be spoken into existence every day. One way to give life to your vision is to write it down daily in the present positive sense. If your vision is a $30m dollar sales level, and you are at $10m today, you need to start speaking and writing the $30m today as if it exists. Get a journal and every day write, “My $30m business continues to grow!” Do this every day and when you are driving around go ahead and speak it. MY MAXIM IS SPEAK WHAT YOU WANT AS IF YOU HAVE IT, NOT WHAT YOU HAVE AS IF YOU WANT IT. Your subconscious mind works off what you tell it and works 24/7 to make what you want happen. Turn it loose!

2)      Actions – I am not as Dr. Kevin Elko puts it, a name it-claim it person. “Faith without action is dead,” resonates with me. So take an hour and list out all the things that must happen for your vision to happen. For sales to triple in my example, some of the following may need to happen:

National distribution achieved

New product line acquired

Profit margins improved 15% to afford expansion

Production automation ramped up

Recruiting three superstars

Once you have the list, put down something you can do every day that will move you toward your vision. Then TAKE ACTION every day. Brian Tracy and Stephen R. Covey would suggest you do this first thing each morning before you dive into your daily grind.

Practicing Affirmations and Action really is a great way to carry out Dr. King’s vision of having a dream.

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