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Random 6 am Thoughts in the Shower after a Sluggish Workout

What will I do with the rest of today? John Maxwell’s Daily Reader challenged me to expect the best for 30 days and that sure didn’t work out on my “I feel like walking” 4 mile run slog. Jesus Calling reminded me to lighten up and let Jesus share my worries. So here I stand wondering:

Whose day will I make with a smile?

Whose side will I stay by awhile?

Whose face will I silently love?

Whose countenance will change when I speak the truth to them IN LOVE?

Whose yoke will I make lighter?

Whose outlook will I make brighter?

Whose ear will hear my words of encouragement?

Whose arm will I pull from the pit of discouragement?

What good thing is coming my way?

With what challenge will I find a way?

Who will be the first stranger I choose to say,

“Top of the morning, it’s a Psalm 118:24 day!”

Enough thinking; it’s time to find the answers. Got to run!

For one question I already know the answer:

Whose workout has to be better tomorrow?

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