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Random Thoughts on Margin

Updated: Feb 1

  • Life is lived on the margin, but no one wants to be marginal.

  • No one thinks of margin until they have none.

  • If your life on the margin is the average, you are in a rut.

  • Every page has four margins, but only one looks ragged: the right.

  • We all need margin to be our best, but usually we are stuck on average.

  • Personal growth always shows up on the margin. "One more" always yields a lot more.

  • Success is found on the margin, yet without margin success is rarely sustainable.

  • Without margin in your life, the "important but not urgent" never ring the doorbell.

  • Losing on the margin but making it on volume is truer than we want to admit.

  • Margin sets the boundaries on the outside of things, but growth is always on the inside.

  • Margin calls are a calling we all should avoid.

  • Betting on yourself can sometimes lead to a margin call.

  • Gross margin shows what we do with what we have; net margin shows what we spent to create the opportunity.

  • You can eat “margin” in the South with Bama jelly and white bread.

  • Sunk costs often sink the next great marginal choice.

  • No margin in one’s life always lowers your marginal productivity and happiness.

  • Without God, marginal profitability never satisfies.

  • “On average, the gross margin is …” seems like a contradiction in terms.

  • One letter can have a significant impact: The margin of error is vastly different from the margin for error.

  • Feedback and course corrections are often found in the margins.

  • Accepting that life is always on the margin changes everything.

  • If you do not think margin is valuable, try living without it.

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