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Servant Leadership 101 – What would happen?

What would happen if ___________________? It’s a great question to activate your goal seeking mind. Wayne Dyer nailed it when he said, “When you believe it, you will see it.” The first step in belief is imagining the outcome you want to see. So what are your What Would Happen If’s?

Here are a few that I have imagined for my clients:

What would happen if each person decided to be a blessing to someone else today?

What would happen if you asked your staff, “What can I do to make your day?”

What would happen if you chose to never speak negative about someone unless to his/her face?

What would happen if you asked your supervisor to develop some stretch goals and hold you accountable?

What would happen if you wrote down every day in your subordinates’ files something you appreciate about them or what they did well that day?

What would happen if you asked three questions about someone before you ever commented about yourself?

What would happen if the Golden Rule dominated your decision process?

A famous saying goes, “Everything that appears, appears twice: first in the mind and then in reality.”

Dream Big. Pray Hard. Work Harder. Smile.

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