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Socializing Success

My wife Laura and I got into it the other night discussing how to get ahead of the competition in personal development. She has had a very busy month and was feeling over stretched when I made the following comment, “If you read 2 hours a night you could read 25-30 books a year and run rings around your peers.” [Note to self, think about the other person’s situation in picking your topics to discuss.]

She immediately pointed out all the reasons 2 hours don’t exist for her. All the downsizing to 30 minutes a night didn’t matter. The challenge won big time over the benefit. Smartly, I shut up:)

Sitting quietly wondering about her situation and re-examining my premise,  another fact hit me. Laura will read a book each month in spite of her schedule because that’s what is required for membership in her book club. Her girl friends meet monthly over dinner and wine and discuss the book between catching up on each other’s lives. It works because the group socializes reading.

What would happen if a group of guys socialized self-improvement through reading? If you met monthly to discuss two books you all read, that would be 24 books a year. Would your knowledge, skills, and self-confidence change? Would your career stay on the same trajectory? Just saying:)

Daniel Amen, the brain health guru, in his book Use Your Brain To  Change Your Age, points out how challenging goals are far easier to achieve when a support or an accountability group exists. He calls it the “secret sauce.” He also points out that such groups can also help you continue negative outcomes as well. Choose wisely your flock or posse.

So if you want to taste the sweet sauce of success, start a self-improvement group. Add some food and drink, preferably healthy food, and meet twice a month to discuss what you’re learning and putting into action. Do it for a couple of years and don’t be surprised if the person God intended you to become starts showing up in your mirror.

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