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Success Principles in Action

The attached video demonstrates some timeless principles of success. David Leathers is a world-famous chef who markets cutlery for Dexter-Russell Inc. Have grown up in a family restaurant business he has had a knife in his hand from age 5. He thanks God no one enforced child labor laws when he was growing up. Having figured out he loved food he went to culinary school and heard a timeless principle number one. A chef told him to make sure he found something that made him stand out. As you will see, he took it to heart. Three thousand plus watermelons later, he is a young master at his craft. He followed success principle number two, mastery takes time. David has his 10,000 hours behind him and, as a result, his options keep expanding. His DVD’s and soon to be PBS programs all came from his following those two success principles. Long after DVD’s and YOUTUBE© are things of the past, these principles will live on. Enjoy A Rose by Any Other Name Would Be a Watermelon. The rose he carved is in the background as he creates a flower out of a cantaloupe. The full rose carving can be seen on YouTube at

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