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Success Through Surrender

My best thoughts always come 15 minutes into a run. The rude reality of aging has been overcome and the endorphins start kicking in memories of speed long gone. My mind starts playing with ideas and thoughts that just bubble up. Today was no exception.

In reviewing the week’s events I was amazed at how many connections were made and how much we have accomplished in the past few weeks. Some of the connections were God moments where I had no clue how they happened and yet they fit into the positive affirmations I right down every day. Then I remembered my first affirmation which, on the surface, runs counter to everything I preach about planning and self determination. My first affirmation every day is “I surrender daily to God’s plan for my life.” Not exactly the a) make a plan, b) list in activities in priority, then c) do the first one first.

My jog began slowing when Pro356 came to mind. That’s short for Proverbs 3:5-6 which states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your OWN understanding. Acknowledge Him in all things, and He will make your path straight.”  So is all my success due to positive thinking, better planning and self responsibility or just surrendering to my number one planner and networker, God?”

Turned the corner right into a cold northwesterly wind and lost my train of thought. What came next made me smile. Success is a partnership that starts with seeking truth and wisdom. It’s not an “either or”, it’s really a team effort of my coach/mentor and my actions. I always trusted my Dad to give me good advice and when I followed it, good things happened. So starting each day listening to my heavenly Father is really getting first things first. And it’s working.

After another turn, I headed home with the wind quartering behind me. Picked up my pace when I recalled a poem I had written for my father nearly 30 years ago on Father’s Day. The chorus had the following line,

“Running along I see you and my heart turns to smiles,

 What I thought was new you always knew,

You’d already run these miles.”

Dad had been with his heavenly Father for several years and I now realize that what I wrote to him here I now re-deliver daily to him. I figure he hears my daily affirmations too. I can here him saying, “Atta boy champ.” No wonder I love my jogs.

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