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The 80/20 rule or why the rich get richer

Part of my job is to bring quality training to my local business market. For our tourist based market, the Disney Institute’s one day workshop on Quality Customer Service represents a workshop for virtually all the local business. Who wouldn’t benefit from a world renowned organization sharing their approach to quality customer service? To make sure everyone has access, a limit of 10 tickets per company was instituted and the price reduced to one-fourth Disney’s suggested retail price. What a win for the small guy, right?

The initial response proves Pareto’s 80/20 rule once again. Guess who jumped at the chance? All the profitable firms. They either immediately bought the 10 maximum or asked to sponsor the event to assure more tickets. These are the firms that, for the most part, already have above average customer service and have their own in-house training programs. They continuously strive to get better and invest in any knowledge that will help them grow their standards.

The firms that could use this workshop the most, haven’t called for tickets. They worry that $100 is too much to spend. The scarcity mentality rears its ugly head once again.  So when people complain about the rich getting richer, I just smile and say, “Of course they do.”

So my motto is, “If you do what successful people do, the same thing will happen to you.”

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