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The Most Misunderstood Question of All

Gallup’s Q10 –I have a best friend at work – flies in the face of so many company sacred cows. “We discourage too much fraternization on the job,” or “I keep my friends and work separate.” Sound familiar?

Gallup would happily drop the question if it were not such a powerful predictor of profitability, safety, turnover, and, interestingly, customer satisfaction.

Most of us have fond memories of some terrible jobs due to the friendships we developed. You go out of your way for your friends whether at work or off the job.

Some of the best bonding I ever experienced took place on company volunteer efforts like the Special Olympics.

Here are some offbeat ways to turn up your friendship and trust quotient in your organization. Call them friendly suggestions:) Disclaimer: Gallup and Q12 are registered trademarks of Gallup Inc. All opinions expressed are mine and do not represent Gallup’s opinions. Information quoted is from published Gallup research.

Closing Tip of the Week:

Spend time getting to really know your new employees, especially millennials. When you introduce them around, be sure and brag on something you learned about them with the team.

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