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The Power of Three

Buckminster Fuller told me this over 30 years ago. The Creator of my universe told me the same thing. And today I used both to move forward. What am I talking about? The power of three.

Buckminster Fuller emphasized in his lectures on the geodesic dome that the most powerful structure in the universe was the triangle. Hence his approach to building structures utilizing the power. My creator revealed that same principle by showing Himself to be triune.  Today I was neither building the universe nor geodesic domes; I was just stuck in one of those de-motivated productivity states known as a rut.

Coming off a vacation, going to an empty office, and knowing I need to get my company re-launched were not enough to get me over the Monday inertia I experienced today. The “busy” work was winning over the” important but not urgent.” Then it happened.

I looked on my wall and there were the three statements I had penned a few months ago. At a point of feeling overwhelmed with information, a consultant’s Achilles heel, I decided to write 3 things I needed to focus on to stay on track. That thought worked for a week, and then the changes in my schedule allowed them to fade into the background. Today they re-appeared in my view.

The three simple statements that got me going were:

  1. Do It Now

  2. Stay In Touch

  3. Pick It Up

This sounds weird as I write it but just looking at the handwritten list gave a burst of mental energy. I typed out a 30 second spot, called a radio station, and negotiated a three-month campaign to announce the expansion of Pro356 Consulting Services. The universe congratulated me by sending me a call from a network partner who wants to meet to discuss some joint projects.

These three simple thoughts harness all the power of all the leadership, strategy, and time management knowledge I have acquired.  That’s “synergy,” another term Fuller coined. This is what I know: simple statements that boil down what you know you need to do each day, will lead you to a place far better than where you are today.  And that’s what Bucky meant when he promoted his idea of “doing more with less.”

What are your three?

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