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What can you do with a 2.5 hour car service appointment

You could go sit in the dealer’s comfortable lounge, drink coffee, and watch cable shows all morning. Or you could find a table in the showroom, connect to their Wi-Fi network, and:

  1. Meet with a friend and offer encouragement of his situation.

  2. Brainstorm on your current business and decide what to change.

  3. Let your brainstorm produce a new video to send to your prospective clients.

  4. Video interview some of the dealer personnel who have great attitudes about how they got them.

  5. Come up with a game plan to turn your “back of the envelope” funny discussion on what makes you different into a rocking, whiteboard video.

  6. Call a client and discuss his needs and review his email.

  7. Schedule your next week.

  8. Call a contractor and keep a pier project moving.

  9. Review some employee engagement data from Marcus Buckingham

  10. Order a book on evolutionary running that will allow you to enjoy a half marathon with your son.

  11. Sit back, look around, and realize how blessed you are to live where you live, do what you do, and have the friends and clients you do. Smile and say, Thank you Lord!

  12. Write a blog on what you can do with 2 hours.

  13. Read some Aesop’s fable to remind you that ancient wisdom is still applicable today.

“Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out.” John Wooden

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