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What do You Expect?

Updated: Feb 1

Every basketball player at this level just as pros on the PGA tour has talent and goes into games expecting to win. They practice drills countless hours. Yet only a few players like Tiger not only expect to win and also practice peak performance under pressure situations. As a result, the actually thrive under pressure. Tiger created pressure situation and shots well before he made the tour and as a result handled the pressure easily.

Most businesses expect to win at their game. They build forecasts of growth and assembled teams with the talent necessary to win. Yet do they practice peak performance under pressure before the fact?

Most businesses follow the resource and performance plan of matching resources to actual volumes. “When I see it, I’ll believe it” underlies the approach.

Wayne Dyer, a performance motivator, says “When you believe it, you will see it.” So why not go ahead and have your team practice performance under pressure before the business takes off or the busy season hits?

When your team senses your belief, their performance will rise. And when the busy season hits, they will be ready to thrive rather than just survive.

So go ahead and plan some peak performance drills before you need them. You may find your team capable of draining those ten foot par puts on Sunday afternoon.

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