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What I am Adding for Lent

Today starts Lent which traditionally means giving up something. That’s what wrong. Somehow over the millenniums we have convinced ourselves that NOT doing something will bring us Christians closer to God.  While the goal is always worthy, the process is backward.

We know the subconscious mind is an incredible gift from God. It moves us toward our goals and dreams even when we are sleeping. Like a powerful computer, it’s always running, always acting on the code you program. One problem, the code doesn’t recognize negatives. So by saying something today like “I am giving up sweets for Lent” your computer has problem. It reads your idea as I am eating sweets. This processing problem wreaks havoc on your daily operating systems. As a result most of find it harder and harder to reach our goal of not eating sweets. Our goal becomes our cross to bear. This sounds symbolically appropriate on the surface. Yet I see Christ as not giving up sin but rather choosing to please his Father.

We also know that it only takes 21 days to develop a new habit just over half of Lent. Rather than looking at Lent as a time of sacrifice, I am looking at Lent as a new habit addition. Rather than giving up sweets, I am going to increase my healthy eating habits. I am also going to focus on organizing my workspace daily. As a result of both, I will feel better and will have more time to spend with God.

This Lent will allow me to develop more closely to the person God meant for me to become. The next forty days could also make my wife smile when she no longer has to deal with my clutter. Now that’s what I call having your cake and eating it too! Praise the Lord!!

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