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What Was I Thinking?

James Allen wrote a classic book about it. Jesus spoke about the impact of sowing and reaping and Brian Tracy calls it the best known secret in the universe. What is it? We become what we think about most of the time.

Having moved past the half way point of life, I find this statement refreshing. Now that I understand how the universe gives us what we think about I have hope based on my thinking.

My thoughts are the seeds I plant daily and cultivate with a new found anticipation for tomorrow’s reality. Thought farming demands rising early every day to tend to my crops.  A great mental breakfast is a must given the long days required in tending so many new crops. New crops are difficult at first because I haven’t developed the proper rules of thumb to know  the best way to ward off pests, weeds, and bad weather. I have to work harder at those to insure my yield is OK.

Some crops are repeat crops and they are much easier to raise and they produce tremendous results. Nature keeps sending me pests, weeds that mutate, and the “now expected” storms. So I have to constantly stay on top of my game by keeping current on protecting my crops. With all the new information, I still find my trusty Bible the best source for thought farming best practices.

I try to rest on Sundays and reflect on some prior thought crops. The disappointing harvests make me smile as I mutter, “What was I thinking?” Usually my bad harvests resulted from either too much time thinking about a previous bad harvest or time spent analyzing my fantasty league players instead of watching the weather channel.

My great crops came from planting good seeds and staying focused on taking care of them daily. The seeds of fitness, encouragement, and life-long learning have always yielded more than I expected. So many times, in fact, that I now expect to get a good return and I do.

After a long day which included writing my goals down as if I have achieved them, exercise, and doing the most important task first and staying on it to completion, I set down for dinner with my wife. She asked me what I was thinking about? I smiled and said, ” Our future.” She then asked, “Is it going to be OK?” Based on what I was thinking, I laughed and blurted, ” Oh yeah…it’s gonna be great.” Amen.

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