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Who are your Johari team members?

Jahari Window

In an age where everyone is seeking followers, trusted advisors are even more valuable. Every day I get emails, audio CD’s, and free downloadable books on how to use social media to gain followers. Everyone involved in social media uses numbers to track success. Since leadership is an inside out process, how do you make sure you are really worth following? While working with a client who is in the media, I started pointing out the need for a trusted advisor to make sure the client was aware of her image. I drew a Johari Window to describe why trusted advisors are necessary for anyone seeking followers. What is funny and sad to me is that as followers grow, the natural tendency is to let trusted advisors shrink. Think ‘believe your own press clippings.’ Trusted advisors need to be around you enough to see the real you. The you that walks as well as the you that talks. Only then can they point out the blind spots that eventually sabotage the goal of fellowship. Hello Lance! And if they are really good, trusted advisors can help you tap into your Unknown section, the source of growth and wisdom.  Check out the Johari Window to learn more of these quadrants. In business, the best advisors are often confused as followers. Your supervised employees and colleagues know your goals and your behavior. The 360 degree assessment grew out of this realization. The key to using this tool is trust. Do you trust your staff and co-workers to determine your success? Would you rely on their view of you to make mid-course corrections? If the answer is no, then TRUST is the issue. How do you build trust? The same way you do anything, you sow trust first. Tend to seeds you plant, and in due season you will reap a bountiful harvest. So build your trusted advisor team first and the followers will arrive.

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