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Having added daily writing to my action plan this year, I sat down this chilly Saturday morning to write. What hit me (like walking outside this morning in my shorts), was that everything I was thinking about originated from something I had just read, heard, or discussed with another colleague or friend. Not wanting to plagiarise, I remembered those awful research reports and having to footnote everything. Then the AHA  moment hit. I am able to blog or coach because I have an extensive list of sources I consult with every day. And like a good business musician, after listening to other great music, I put my own interpretation out there for others to enjoy. I went to school to learn the underlying musical structure, but now I play jazz.

So here are my daily lists of influences which provide the inspiration for this blog. After the first four they got somewhat random.

• Prayer time with God • Jesus Calling – Sarah Young • John Maxwell – Daily Reader • The Bible – Especially Proverbs and Philippians • My clients and colleagues • Dale Carnegie • Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki • Brian Tracy – Anything I see from him • Darren Hardy and his Success Magazine CD band • Dan Lumpkin – My local mentor friend • Patrick Lencioni • Dan Pink • Jim Collins • Truett Cathy • John Wooden • HBS Daily Blog

Without these influences my work would add far less value. To add value to others, I need to seek wisdom from every source I can find, every day. Every day. Sow first, and tend daily to keep the weeds out. Then you may reap a harvest.

Seems I read that somewhere previously.:)

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