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Your Bibliography?

Who would you list as the bibliographers of your daily life? Where do your ideas and insights originate, and what information moves you forward? If leadership is influence, on whose shoulders are you gratefully standing?

Having added daily writing to my action plan this year, I sat down this chilly Saturday morning to write. What hit me (like walking outside this morning in my shorts), was that everything I was thinking about originated from something I had just read, heard, or discussed with another colleague or friend. Not wanting to plagiarise, I remembered those awful research reports and having to footnote everything. Then the AHA  moment hit. I am able to blog or coach because I have an extensive list of sources I consult with every day. And like a good business musician, after listening to other great music, I put my own interpretation out there for others to enjoy. I went to school to learn the underlying musical structure, but now I play jazz.

So here are my daily lists of influences which provide the inspiration for this blog. After the first four they got somewhat random.

• Prayer time with God • Jesus Calling – Sarah Young • John Maxwell – Daily Reader • The Bible – Especially Proverbs and Philippians • My clients and colleagues • Dale Carnegie • Seth Godin and Guy Kawasaki • Brian Tracy – Anything I see from him • Darren Hardy and his Success Magazine CD band • Dan Lumpkin – My local mentor friend • Patrick Lencioni • Dan Pink • Jim Collins • Truett Cathy • John Wooden • HBS Daily Blog

Without these influences my work would add far less value. To add value to others, I need to seek wisdom from every source I can find, every day. Every day. Sow first, and tend daily to keep the weeds out. Then you may reap a harvest.

Seems I read that somewhere previously.:)

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