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I Don’t Have Time, I Don’t Feel Like It, and Other Excuses.

Julius Erving, Dr J, is credited with saying a professional is someone who does what he loves to do even when he doesn’t feel like it. Rushing around with a thousands reason not to write this blog, that blog has me sitting here typing. Fifteen minutes and I’m out the door.

When you don’t “feel” like doing something is exactly when you should do it. I’m not sure why that is, and if I thought about it, I’m sure I’d find a reasonable explanation. But I am already in a better mood because I started.

So here are some areas that I plan to apply this approach to today and see what happens:

1) Priorities – When I feel like checking emails instead of doing the #1 priority on my to do list, I will start on my big hairy frog as Brian Tracy calls it.

2) Snacks – When I feel the urge for sugar, I will go to water fountain and drink 10 seconds worth of water.

3) Phone calls I want to put off – When I feel the tension rising over a call I don’t want to make, I’m picking up the phone, smiling, visualizing a wonderful conversation, and then dialing.

4) Planning– When the urge to do busy work rather than hard conceptual planning work overwhelms me, I will walk outside with my Iphone and start verbally dictating my thoughts in the voice recorder, than ask Siri to put into Word.

5) Day dreaming – When I find myself lost in the past or future for no good reason, I will smile and say, This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! I will then say, “I stay focused on my priorities” until I start laughing, and then go back to work.

There, I “feel”better for having attacked my bloggers cramp and can continue on to another great day.

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