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Metric Failures – The rest of the story

 I say sure and run over to bakery. Sunday night 6 pm, they are closed.

I come back and we decide I should drive to our closest food market, Food Tiger. Off I drive and five minutes later I discover they are closed. I immediately drive another five minutes to Winn Dixie Supermarket and run into their bakery section. I have many choices and since I don’t know the number of attendees, I make a decision. 24 cupcakes of a variety of colors are bought and I arrive back at home for dinner at 5:30. We eat and run over at 5:45 and find our cupcakes compliment the cake that is already there.

I got excited because I realized that I had failed twice in twenty minutes before succeeding in the twenty fifth minute. My failures exceeded my successes and even my successes didn’t work out the way I hoped I did. Yet, my wife appreciated the effort, Judy appreciated the gesture, and I felt good about my persistence.

To paraphrase Thomas Edison, “I didn’t fail. I just discovered two places that do not sell desserts on Sunday night.” Sweet!

#attitude #Failure #motivation #metrics #Success #appreciation

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