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Plan B

What if Plan A is unavailable? The rain, thunder, and lightening tell me my Plan A of swimming is out and my Plan A-1 of running is equally out. What now at 5 am?

John Wooden came to mind with his wisdom on Plan B. Wooden told John Maxwell the following, “Things turn out best for people who make the most of how things work out.” So Plan B started with the decision to use this hour to do something that would be useful but not part of my original schedule.

Here is Plan B. Write a blog, straighten my work area, add one early morning appointment to my drive in to work and read a chapter of Acts.

My workday will focus on teamwork since I figure this little diversion from Plan A to Plan B was a heavenly reminder to not focus so much on myself.

This is a day the Lord has made and with my Plan B intact, I will rejoice and be glad in it. Who knows this may turn into a Masterpiece Day.

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